Monday, June 1, 2009

We're Headed North!

Pictures from top to bottom: A Catfish Farm in AL; The Piggly Wiggly and car for sale; Our Camp Site at Lake Eufaula State Park (notice Henry doing his job as permit holder)

1 June 2009 Andalusia, AL to Eufaula, AL 126 miles

Boy is it hot and muggy! Thundershowers are in the forecast beginning Wednesday, so it looks like we will be dodging rain again. The drive today was pretty—we went through so many small towns, that we had some trouble finding a place open for lunch.

As we were driving along, I was watching the scenery change—rolling hills of pine forests to cleared fields for farming and cattle. This is really beautiful country. I’ve decided that Hollywood has done a disservice to the American people. My whole perception of the geography of the South is based on movies and television shows—this is not something that is taught in California public schools. As we are traveling through these different geographical regions, I realize just how great our country is with it’s diversity of flora, fauna, and dialects. Woody Guthries poem/song “This Land is Your Land,” keeps popping into my head. We really are fortunate to live here.

Things I’ve discovered since being in the South:

Crawfish is the proper name for these little critters, not crawdads!
I never knew that this area (Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama), is covered with pine forests. (There are other trees mixed in.)
Not all of Louisiana is swampy bayous.
Alabama is hilly—constant rolling hills!
Alligators, it seems, have a dormant period—not really hibernating, but not real active. (They are just now beginning to get active.)
There are a myriad of poisonous snakes in the south, and they go in the water—I’m so used to just worrying about the diamond back rattlesnakes of California and Arizona—I’m amazed that anyone goes swimming here!
The Piggly Wiggly is actually a market here, not just a fictional store in literature!

I’m sure I’ll discover more things about this great country as we head north.


  1. Another great day...It feels as if we were all with you both. Don't let Henry go swimming no matter how he begs and whines.
    Gary and Lynne

  2. Hi guys, I just discovered your blog through the ABC grapevine. Your mechanical misfortunes had me giggling (sorry). I'm sure it's always funnier to read about flat tires than to actually experience them. Seriously, I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers that you get home safely. Meantime, have a blast!

  3. Enjoy reading your blog. I have to admit that the Angelo A's are a bit jealous of your adventure. Sorry we missed you when you were at the Casey's. We are off to Waco on Thursday to the Texas Model A meet, which will seem like a small trip next to yours.

    Roger Banks, President
    San Angelo, Texas
    Angelo A's Model A Touring Club