Friday, June 5, 2009

Bentley's Antique Auto Service, Inc. to the Rescue!

4 June 2009 to 5 June 2009 Maysville, Georgia and surrounding area

I spent the day Thursday in the hotel relaxing—reading, organizing the pictures, and catching up on my journaling. Friday morning I finished my book, and quickly was at loose ends since I didn’t have access to a car. Benny (owner of Bentley’s) offered to come pick me up so I could go to lunch with the crew, and after that, I just hung out at the shop—making a pest of myself and asking questions. It was really kind of interesting, because they had a number of cars in various stages of restoration and I was able to see how these are put together.

David spent Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday and Friday at Bentley’s shop working on the car. Initially, we stopped by Mike’s 'A' Ford-able Parts to get the new tires for the car. Benny said he had the mounting and balancing tools to put the new tires on the wheels. (By the way…David is SOOoooo excited about finally having black-walls!) From there, David asked them if they could possibly give the car a quick listen-to/look-over. Benny and his crew are amazing! What started as a quick tune-up turned into a 2 ½ day overhaul of the entire engine.

On their recommendation, we decided to have the bearing clearances checked and adjusted. While checking this, they discovered that the rod bearings were fractured and needed replacing. Benny’s staff dropped other projects and in the 2 ½ days that the car was in their shop, new tires were mounted, the engine had new connecting rod bearings, new rings, and a complete tune-up. Benny’s response to Dave’s anxious questions was always, “Relax, Dave, we can fix anything!” Scott, Benny’s engine man, has the car sounding and running better than it ever has! If you’re ever within 1,000 miles of Bentley’s Antique Auto Service in Maysville, GA, we highly recommend them for anything from minor maintenance to stunning high-point restorations. These men are true professionals!


  1. Wow, what a find these guys were!!! So glad the car is now in tip top traveling shape!!!
    Fred had his first day home from School's OUT! He's crashed in the recliner now. I'll get him over here soon.

  2. Did you ask them if they would come to Sac town to do a seminar? It sounds like these guys realy know what they are doing. We are real glad to see that you were in GOOD HANDS.

    Joe & Karen

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  4. I didn't get to actually meet you folks but I overheard your story while at the Shields-Ethridge farm. Your trip sounds incredibly fun... good luck in your travels!

    (Had to give that comment a second try... i before e...)

  5. Wow, what a busy few days. Glad you were in good hands. Really enjoying your blog and photos. Looking forward to seeing you in New England.
    Job & Dawn

  6. Never got to meet you guys at Grandfather's Day but I enjoyed reading your story. I was part of the group with the Ramblin' Reck. Have a great trip!

  7. Have found your story and trip facinating and I am interested in becoming a Model A owner. My concern is reliablity and was wondering are the problems you have expiranced so far typical?

    Also can you or will you disclose the cost of these repairs so far? I wish I had to time and funds to embark on such a wonderful adventure...truly amazing!

    dusty in WV

  8. To Dusty in WV: Model A's are very reliable once you have them in "tour" tune. We've probably spent around $1,000 for repairs over the 5,000 miles (about) that we've driven in the last 6 weeks.

    Remember that this distance is probably 10 times the yearly distance most Model A drivers would travel.

    Normally: about $100 a year for maintenance would not be too bad even for a modern car.


  10. Thanks Dave and Peg for the info on Model A's reliablity. You must take in some of WV while you are close, there is much to see here. I so envy what you are doing and can only hope to follow in your foot steps one day. I have to get to retirement first(about 5 years) and hope the funds for retirement don't completely dry up:-(
    For now I will try to enjoy this dream through your words.