Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dodging Raindrops in Search of Coiner Gold!

13 June 2009 Waynesboro, VA to Endinburg, VA 68 miles

Rain, rain, rain…not constant, but off and on all day. We spent the morning at the Waynesboro Public Library—with the hope of doing a little bit of Coiner research. Instead we found a gold mine! At the library, we found a couple of books, one printed in 1893 that delineates the Keinadt family history and genealogy that covers their history in Germany, and in America up to 1893. Inside the front cover was a contact name and phone number for reprint information. David called the number, was told that the person to speak to was a Mr. Lewis Coiner. With the information on where he lived and how to reach him in hand, we located Lewis Coiner--who is distantly related to Peggy; he invited us into his home so we spent the afternoon visiting and talking about the Coiner line. He is 90 years old, and I would hazard to guess that he is the Coiner expert in this part of the country.

Finally, around 4:00, we hopped in the car and headed north. We worked our way back to Hwy 11, and ended up in Endinburg, VA. We found a small campground called Creekside Campground, just on the other side of the creek from town and took a chance that most of the rain had passed us by for the day. By the way..we were wrong--oh well... This is a small family run campground…with nice RV pads, and a great tent area along the creek. In fact, it looks like it could be their backyard. The people here are very friendly...a nice touch...they have a new “coffee and ice cream” trailer and offer homemade ice cream and iced coffee drinks and socialization around a big fire. Coffee is also available in the morning. I’m sure we’ll be back someday.

Henry enjoyed the creek side campfire and the ducks!

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