Monday, June 29, 2009

In Search of Princess Pine

Pictures L to R: Princess Pine; Dave and the first generation cousins (minus 3--I think); Peggy, Dave, and his sister Joan.
20 June 2009 to 29 June 2009

Vacation at the Rydbom's! It has been a great week for us relaxing and gearing up for the next leg of our journey. We had a roof over our head, and for the first visit to PA in June ever, 4 consecutive days without any humidity or rain! Unfortunately, Randy and Linda had to work during the day, but it gave us a chance to just vege, read, cook, and relax...oh yeah...and Dave had time to mow the grass-almost an acre of it--for his cousin.

Our reunion day was great...clear skies, no to low humidity, and 53 family members in attendance at Parker Dam State sure was good to see everyone. Dave gave rides in the A to those who wanted one, and got a kick out of his aunts who wanted him to keep honking the horn so they could wave at people!

We are leaving Tipton/Tyrone PA tomorrow morning early, heading toward New England and Maine. It will be good to be back in the Model A, seeing the sights.

PS: Princess Pine grows here in PA, and is actually protected from picking (according to Dave's cousins). Dave and his sister, Joan, have a vivid recollection from childhood, before moving to California, of going out in the forest collecting this plant in pillow cases to sell for extra money, but didn't remember what it was, or what it looked like. Randy found some for them during the reunion. The memory is fuzzy for what use they sold it for; one person remembers that they used it to make wreaths, and another thought "they" made dye with it. We may never know...


  1. Dear Dave Peggy and Henry,
    So glad you had great weather and reunion. We are sure Henry had a great time and ate to much. Thank you for the statistics. Keep safe and God Bless.
    Gary and Lynne

  2. We will miss you at the 4th of July parade. I was just offered another slant window but told him you might want it. We keep you in our prayers. Ralph and Phyllis

  3. Sidekick...looks like you guys are having a great retired at the perfect time, the Governor just imposed a 3rd furlough day...yippee


  4. Hey! Why do you think that it is SOooo green back there? (clue: think water from God)
    You know your trip IS the show & tell of the meeting.
    You will need to go back there in mid - to - late September for the colors. We've been there three times.
    Miss you guys.
    Ben & Ellen

  5. Yep, we had a great didn't mention how you bought ou all the antique stores! Lots of great finds back there! Love, Joan