Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to Basics at NOSTALGIA WORKS

Pictures L to R: The rear end out and apart; parts and pieces; Dave and Becky Krolak of Nostalgia Works

16 June 2009 Shepherdstown, WV to Hagerstown, MD 53 miles (including yesterday from Brunswick, MD)

Dave Krolak picked us up this morning from the hotel and we (I include myself (Peggy) with the “we” because I got greasy holding, turning, or grabbing parts and pieces!) got started on changing out the differential, etc. Dave K. did not have the tool that removes the pinion bearing and races as a unit. But in retrospect, that was a blessing in disguise. Without the tool, the guys had to remove the axels and ring-gear assembly. When they went to replace the rear hubs, the threads on the passenger side axel stripped. Lucky for us, the used rear end we got from Meyer's included the parts that we needed to get going again. We ended up replacing the axel and the carrier bearing. By 4:00 or so, we were going for a test drive—hooray! We are back in business, and on the road with a stock drivetrain.

Many thanks to Dave and Becky of Nostalgia Works! They are a well-matched team, with a great sense of humor and big hearts. Although Dave and Becky run an antique and classic car restoration and maintenance business, they certainly have and live by the attitude that you help people in need and do the right thing. Something that all humankind should strive for!

For tonight, though, it is a hot shower and a soft bed—we’re bushed. Unfortunately, it looks like rain again…and is supposedly a 70% chance tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers—We are firmly convinced that it is your constant prayers that lead us to just the right towns before we break down!

17 June 2009 AM Update: We are staying put today due to we'll sit tight and do laundry and all that good stuff...

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  1. Dear Dave, Peggy and Henry,
    This had been such an adventure showing love, kindness, helpfulness and making such wonderful friends. It let's you know all is still right with the world. We anxiously await each post from you and know you are in our prayers and think of you each day.
    Gary and Lynne