Monday, June 22, 2009

Trip Statistics as of June 20th...

Total Miles driven: 5,266.1

Total Days on the road: 48

Total Gallons of Gasoline: 285 gallons
Total Spent in gasoline: $777.62

Nights Camping: 20

Nights in a hotel: 15

Nights with friends and family: 13


  1. Dave and Peggy, Did you receive the email that I sent to you on Saturday 6/20?

    Bruce Marshall
    bruce (at) thelmasgarage (dot) com

  2. Dear Peggy and Dave,
    AH the statistics, Gary has been asking me if anything on gas, mileage, etc. has been posted so you have made our day. Hope all is well and safe and no rain???? God Bless.
    Gary and Lynne

  3. Finally caught up with all the posts, and I am spell bound with you adventure as of yet. The places, the people, and the experiences are wonderful. Peggy, your blogs are so descriptive, that I feel like we are on the trip as well. I can't wait for the next chapter of you storybook adventure. Enjoy the family reunion. Always thinking of you both, and missing you more!
    Wade and Somer

  4. I can't believe you've made it! Congrats! We are holding down the fort in Sunny Cal...I love my alternate work week! Just Kidding...Take care, Joe