Saturday, June 20, 2009

Slight Change in our Direction toward Maine

For those of you anticipating our arrival in New England....We feel like we’re spinning our wheels here a little. There was not enough time to head up the east coast, without causing us to rush through New England and Maine (which neither one of us has ever seen before) and still make it to the reunion in central PA next weekend. We’ve been thinking of re-routing our loop to Maine, since we’re traveling along this part of the Lincoln Hwy now, and are very familiar with Eastern Pennsylvania already. After the reunion, we’ll probably head east along the northern edge of PA, then go up through New England on our way to Maine, returning west toward Buffalo and Niagara Falls before dropping back down to Hwy 30 west of Pittsburg.


  1. Dave and Peggy,
    Just wanted to tell Y'all how much I'm enjoying your adventures....Sorry I missed Y'all when you came thru San Antonio....I would have been glad to skip work and shown you around....Good Luck and keep the shiny side up....Mike

  2. Thanks for the comment Mike. We enjoyed our visit to San Antonio--I'm sure we'll be back someday!