Monday, June 22, 2009

Central PA--Home to amazing food, antique cars, and family!

21 June 2009 Chambersburg, PA to Tyrone, PA Miles: 109

Happy Fathers Day!

We woke to sunny skies above us… however, dark clouds surrounded our little spot of sunlight. It had rained during the night, but not the huge storm that was anticipated. What did happen though, is the temperature has dropped some. It was hovering at about 62 for most of the day—a bit cool for the first day of summer!

We continued our drive along Route 30, stopping along the way here and there until we hit the exit for Hwy 522, turning north. Along this route, near Shady Gap, we stopped at another antique store, to browse and inquire if there was anywhere to eat close by. We were directed to the only place close by, Sunny Ridge Station Family Restaurant, but were told we may not get in because it is always crowded on Sunday—especially at this time of day (1:30 PM), and especially for Father’s day. Fortunately for us, we only had two in our group, and didn’t mind sitting in a booth. We were seated immediately, and had one of the best meals we’ve had on this trip—and the most incredible homemade pie….coconut cream for Dave, cherry crumb for me. The service was outstanding as well. To our Pennsylvania followers…if you are headed toward Harrisburg from Hwy 30, this is a must stop.

After dinner, we continued on our journey and happened to pass through Huntingdon, PA, home to the Swigart Auto Museum. Not only did this museum have some incredible automobiles, but the collection includes era clothing, antique bicycles, toy fire trucks, toys, license plates, car emblems, engine components (like spark plugs and such), and more! This would be a great day tour destination for any car clubs around here! We were told by the volunteer staffing the museum that the display was only about one-third of the collection.

Dave found his car, even though we haven’t hit Cornhusk yet…unfortunately, it is not for sale…In the Swigart collection is an un-restored 1931 slant-window Fordor…it was purchased by the museum in 1969 from the original owner’s widow with less than 12,000 miles on it. After her husband’s death, she had stored it in a shed, up on jacks, and it was never driven again. Keep dreaming Dave…

We made it to Dave’s cousin's home in Tyrone, PA in the early evening. We will spend some downtime here for the week, (or until Randy and Linda get tired of us) before the Gill Family Reunion in Clearfield on Saturday, visiting a number of relatives in Coalport, PA.
Our goal this week is to get the camping gear and car cleaned and aired out after all the rain we’ve been hitting. I'll be taking a break from blogging until after the reunion as well...


  1. Happy Belated Father's day Dave! Sorry we haven't been in better communication, but Somer and I just got back from a two week vacation in Europe and Italy. We were inspired by your adventure, and we rented a car and just drove where the road took us. Italians are crazy drivers. I am really enjoying reading about your travels. Safe journey! Love, Wade and Somer

  2. Greetings from Fair Oaks. Jeanne and Wayne have enjoyed following your adventure. We admire your cheerful approach to all the challenges (not problems) you have faced. Our Model A local tours and breakdowns seem trivial compared to what you are doing. Years from now you will look back on this and be astounded and what you have accomplished.
    The Capitol A's are having a busy summer in our standard sunny climate. Yesterday a tour to Jackson Rancheria. In July the Independence Day Parade; a picnic tour to Marshall Gold Discovery Park; some of us traveling to Oregon for the McKenzie A's Meet. Jeanne will update your tour map for Friday's meeting. Keep on A'ing.