Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We've Got Georgia on our Mind!

Pictures L to R: Welcome to Georgia; Andersonville National Cemetery; High Falls State Park
Eufaula, AL to High Falls State Park, GA 198.6 miles

My, oh my! What a long day of driving. We had this many miles because the first campground we started looking at in Andersonville, GA (at mile 88) and the next 5 we could find were just not something we’d want to stay at. Nothing against our RV family and friends, but camping on solid concrete, next to the interstate, and surrounded by RV’s that are blocking any hint of wind there might be did not seem enticing. A friendly Georgian finally told us about High Falls and it is much more to our liking…but it did entail another 95 miles or so—which equated to about another 2 ½ hours. All in all we had 5 ½ hours of driving time today, 9 ½ hours trip duration—including the stop at Andersonville National POW Museum and National Cemetery.

We left Eufaula this morning early and crossed the lake into Georgia. We found a small restaurant, Michelle’s, where we stopped for breakfast in Georgetown, GA. The drive was quiet as we headed north toward Plains, GA, the hometown of President Jimmy Carter. We stopped to stretch our legs and wandered through the museum and the town of Plains. They have turned Plains High School, where both Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter attended both grammar and high school into a museum which highlights President Carter’s life and career.

From Plains, we continued on to Andersonville, Georgia where the National POW Museum and Andersonville National Cemetery is located. This is an amazing museum, honoring all of the American POW’s from all wars--from the Revolutionary War to present. They have an incredible display of artifacts and information about POW’s. It was very moving and gave pause for reflection. We also stopped at the Civil War Cemetery to take pictures of Peggy's Great, Great, Great, Great ? Grandpa Monthy’s gravestone. Grandpa Monthy was a Union soldier during the Civil War, and was imprisoned at Andersonville where he died in captivity.

From Andersonville, we continued our journey north, and finally landed at High Falls State Park, GA. It was nice to finally stop, and set up our tent so we could relax. It isn’t nearly as warm here as Eufaula, AL was last night. We felt like we were camping in the mountains, surrounded by pines and sycamores. It was fun watching as the squirrels cavorted through the trees. The falls are a natural rock stream bed, that ultimately falls about 100 feet.

Since we drove so far today, we'll probably head directly into Maysville, GA tomorrow. It is supposed to rain Thursday and Friday, so we will live in the comfort of a hotel for a couple of days. Dave is antsy about some minor car issues--sounds he is hearing, general maintenance, and tires---and he is hoping to have another set of Model A ears listen to it.


  1. Jeanne has updated the map of your trip with drawings of significant events along the way. We will take it to the general club meeting Friday and she will narrate the highlights for those who are not following the blog. Keep on A-ing!!

  2. Yes, your sister just logged in...I have lots of reading to catch up on...looks like you're having the time of your life! Joan

  3. Ralph and PhyllisJune 4, 2009 at 11:02 PM

    Dave, Your wife said you are hearing strange sounds. Bring your car to the seminar saturday at
    tom Urban home and we will all work on it after breakfast . Ralph and Phyllis