Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photos of Pensacola and Alabama, Again!

31 May 2009 Pensacola, FL to Andalusia, AL 140 miles

I've included the pictures from Pensacola that I wrote about yesterday now that I'm powered back up. Pictures Left to Right: Dauphin Island; Henry finally gets to Florida; Fort Pickins Campground--notice the trees, this is the devastation still visible from Katrina in 2005; White Sands of the beach; Peggy as a Blue Angel. We spent the morning at the Museum of Naval Aviation on NAS Pensacola. With his love of anything to do with airplanes, as well as being a military history fanatic, Dave was going absolutely ga-ga over the displays of planes. This is a must do if you ever make it to Pensacola--and it is free!

We had a quiet and uneventful drive this afternoon and once we hit Andalusia, AL, decided to get a hotel room so we could charge everything that needs charging since the campground at Fort Pickens did not have any electric power--besides, it is the first of the month and I have bills to pay and banking to do before we can continue on our travels.

For those of you following our trip, thank you for your kind comments. To BT Marshall, we should hit New England sometime in mid-to-late July--we think--but our route and timetable is not set in stone.

Tomorrow we will continue our journey toward Andersonville, GA, and then onto Maysville, GA.


  1. Dear Dave and Peggy,
    We were gone for the last 3 days and your site was the first log in on our return and while we were gone we thought of where you might be and if Henry had any car troubles. Remember Model A's definitly leak but they don't leak indefinitly. Gary and Lynne

  2. Hi Dave and Peggy,
    It was great to meet you at Grandfather's Day and find that you are two really nice people that also love the Model-A. We will be following your adventures on-line. I will send you the picture we made with our group from Central Alabama Model-A Ford Club if you would like. Be safe and have a great trip!
    Tom and Joyce (In the photo are you and Dave plus Cecil, Tom, Gerald, and Ken)