Friday, June 12, 2009

Staunton, Virginia and a Scavenger Hunt!

11 June 2009 Greenville, VA to Staunton, VA 69 miles
and surrounding areas including Crimora

We entered the town of Staunton, Virginia in the early morning. What a neat town—especially the historical downtown district. Staunton is also home to the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library. We stopped at Beverly’s CafĂ© in the old historic district, then spent the morning walking around, exploring many of the shops. We were also in search of the local historical society because we are on a mission here in Augusta County Virginia.
Somewhere in Augusta County is a small cemetery that contains a monument to the Keinadts—Michael and Margaret—ancestor’s of Peggy’s. The only information we have is that this monument is in the cemetery of the Old Trinity Lutheran Church “about 14 miles east of Staunton and 2 miles north of the Crimora Station on the Shenandoah Valley RR.

While searching for the historical society, we happened upon Bruce Elder’s Antique and Classic Automobiles. Unable to pass by almost any antique vehicle, Dave detoured to take a look at some of the cars he had—most, but not all of them are for sale. Dave was very excited to see the American LaFrance Speedster and an original 1929 Model AA Special Delivery pickup.

Back to our scavenger hunt....With the help of Betty from the Augusta County Historical Society, we were directed to the area and we went in search of the church. After traveling along some incredible rolling hills through the Virginia countryside, getting lost, and redirected by the local postman, we finally stopped in what we thought was Crimora. An older gentleman at the gas station knew the exact church that we were looking for and gave us precise directions. We had driven past it twice—I don’t know how we had missed it!

The monument was there, and the cemetery was filled with descendents of Michael and Margaret Keinadt. Peggy’s maiden name is Coiner, and she is a descendant of Philip Coiner, Jr. who is the grandson of Michael Keinadt. (Spellings were changed and Coiner is just one of the many spellings/Americanization of Keinadt.) What was especially interesting to note that Keinadt descendants have been documented to fight in every war here since the American Revolution.

The rain started coming down in earnest so we headed back into town and checked into a hotel for the night. It is supposed to rain for the next few days, so we may stay here and just do some short explorations/family research around this area before heading north.

12 June 2009 Staunton, VA to Waynesboro, VA 35 miles

We went to the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library this morning, and then walked through a few other antique stores in Staunton, before heading to Verona, VA (another antique mall) and then on to the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery again, to get some other pictures. By then, the rain started in again. We made our way to Waynesboro, VA, checked into a hotel and went in search of dinner. On the way, we passed by the Fishbourne Military Academy—one of the places Peggy stayed the night at when she was on that bicycle trip in 1976. We ate at Scotto’s Italian Restaurant—and had a very, very nice meal.
By the way...have you figured out that if you double click on the picture, you can get a larger view? Check out Dave in the American LaFrance!

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  1. I'm the guy who met you outside of Scotto's Restaurant. Wanted to tell you that we enjoyed your blogspot and will tell our local club, Colonial A's in Williamsburg, VA so that they can also follow your travels. Hugh Smith, a member of our club, is national MARC Touring Director and will be most enthusiastic about it. Best of luck. Stay OUT of NYC!!! if you want to keep all car parts. Harold Conover