Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby's Got A New Pair of Shoes!

3 June 2009 High Falls, GA to Maysville/Commerce GA 108 miles

The drive was nice—cool temps this early in the day, and through two-lane winding roads. One reason we headed to Maysville is because Benny Bohanan and his lovely wife Pam had invited us to the Grandfather’s Day Celebration, sponsored by Mike’s A-Ford-able Parts.
We made it to Maysville by noon, so David stopped by Benny Bohanan’s restoration shop, Bentley’s Antique Auto Service, Inc., and introduced himself. Bentley’s is a complete Model A restoration shop—body and paint—as well as a full engine shop—doing minor repairs to complete new engine building. The cars they have in the shop which are in progress are incredible—the paint and interiors are stunning! Clearly top quality work.

It is supposed to rain here Thursday and Friday, so we decided to get a hotel room for the next few days—so David can work on the car, and we can have a “vacation” from setting up the tent each day. We are staying at The Days Inn in Commerce, GA, just 5 miles away from Mike’s A-Ford-able Parts and Bentley’s Antique Auto Service, Inc. Gordon Eanes, the General Manager/Owner of this hotel is a true gentleman! In true southern style, when he found out that our car was in the shop and we were without transportation, he offered us the use of his “service” car that he keeps at the hotel for running errands during the day. He also made it a point to let his staff know that if we needed the keys for the car at anytime, we had his permission to use it. Thank you Gordon!

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  1. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! How cool was that! Amazing.