Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grey Skies...But No Rain!

Pictures: Little Bennett Campground near Clarksburg, MD; Best Farm--we just thought it looked cool!
18 June 2009 Hagerstown, MD to Clarksburg, MD 54 miles

We're beginning to feel like Eeyore...we've got this little black rain cloud hanging over our head--or it seems that way--ever since Texas. The rain has stopped for now, so we are taking a chance that the scattered showers will scatter around us and not on us, so we're camping at Little Bennett Campground near Clarksburg, MD. I think we're maybe one of three people in the entire place!
We spent the morning antiquing...some late 20's era fashion informational pamplets, some jewelry--still checking about it, but the price was right, and it looks good, and a pair of cool shoe clips. This is a dangerous place to be if you are into antiquing...and yes, Dave has found stuff too--Civil War era glasses, drooling over a couple of long rifles (civil war era) and cars. His stuff is just more expensive than mine!

About the seems to be running great--quiet and smooth. Dave is estatic! He even said he may like it better without the overdrive...we'll see how he feels once we hit the plains.

Since Henry seems to showing some signs of least since the Pepsi incident, we're going to let him stay at the campground alone tomorrow when we take the metro into DC to meet our good friends, Mike Wieters (and family), who are out here from Orange County (CA) for a long weekend. Henry has promised to behave himself while we're gone.


  1. Is that Henrys snack on top of the car for his party When you are in D.C.

    The Judge.

  2. Hi Peggy and Dave, I was thinking that with the recent engine work you had done, your car would do well running a few more RPM's. BUT, Peggy is right, wait and see what speed the car runs best at on the flat. Thanks for all the good news. Stay dry. Paul Keller