Monday, May 25, 2009

More thunderstorms and a taste of Louisiana

Sunday: We had some tremendous thunderstorms and heavy rain on and off throughout the afternoon over the weekend, which we enjoyed from the comfort of Jackie's living room, and the car was safe in the garage. Dave spent the morning re-tightening whatever it is he does on the car and checking fluids. We had a great visit with Peggy's sister and nephew. Thanks Jacks!
We subtotaled our mileage to date...2,824.8 miles so far!
Lake Houston, TX

Monday, 25 May 2009 Sugar Land, TX to Sulfur, LA 188.4 miles

Today, we left Jackie’s and headed north, then east, up and around Houston in a effort to bypass the downtown traffic. We passed Lake Houston, and settled back into our small town travels. Something we’re noticing…many of the side roads that go through the old historic towns follow along the railroad tracks…imagine that! We traveled along Highway 90, into Beaumont, TX, (which was deserted--must be because of the holiday), and then because we turned the wrong way, continued on into Louisiana. We did have to get on the interstate for just under a mile to cross the Sabine River, but then were able to catch the Old Highway 90, then criss-crossed on various side roads to miss the interstate. Because of this, our mileage was longer than we planned.

Downtown Beaumont, TX

Sabine River, LA

Ladies...driving tip: When you are driving, and are coming up on road kill in the center of the lane, and the "navigator" says, "take it down the middle" he means to center the car over the road kill--not to center the car down the middle of the road! (I did miss the critter!)

We ended our day in Sulfur, LA. We are holed up in a hotel again, due to severe thunderstorms. They sky is dark, and it is very humid. Lightening is flashing in the distance.


  1. We hope you arestaying dry. Those thunder storms back there can be bad. we found that out last June when we went to Dallas for the world meet.
    Stay dry and watch out for those pesky road kills.

    Joe & Karen

  2. Wow! Over 2800 miles and only one engine and 4 guys are doing good!! The pictures of LA and the rural towns are priceless. Love follwing your travels...keep safe. Cat Stevens

  3. Yuck! So Peggy you are driving some of the time too! Good! I am really having fun vicariously with you both. Fred will too if and when he can come up for air. I will keep him informed in the mean time!!! Happy Trails to you!

  4. I loved having "ya'll" here for the weekend, and I'm glad you enjoyed the crawfish. Thanks for including me on your itinerary. Dave, I will store up my honey-dos for the next time you pass through... (he, he, he)