Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On the road again...with a little help from new friends!

19 May 2009

After exploring numerous options, on Monday morning, (May 18th) we were able to get in touch with MAFCA member, David Casey in San Angelo, TX, who offered his Model A expertise and his garage to help get us back on the road. With the help of John, the local towing service, and AAA, we headed 83 miles south to San Angelo and David’s garage.

The two Davids spent the next two hours dismantling the engine, and once the head was off, discovered that the head gasket had blown between numbers 3 and 4 cylinders. After some discussion, they decided to replace the head gasket and put all the other parts back on to see if this was the problem. David C. was pretty confident this would fix the problem…David G. was pessimistically hopeful. Another two hours or so, and it was test drive time….HALLELUIA! This seemed to do the trick…we were back in business.

During this time, Henry was supervising from the cup-holder seat, and I was visiting with fellow Model A’er Dr. Yates Smith, who is a local club member with David C. We had the official supervisor chairs and occasionally offered our assistance.

Once the Davids cleaned up the work area, David Casey and his beautiful wife, Lynn, graciously invited us to stay for dinner and offered us a bed for the night. We had an enjoyable visit them, and this morning, they sent us on our way after a wonderful breakfast. David and Lynn, thank you, thank you, thank you! There are not enough words to describe our appreciation for your help and hospitality!

On the road again….We traveled 154 miles to Fredricksburg, TX through some beautiful country. The myth that Texas is flat is not true! In Fredricksburg, we had a wonderful German meal at one of the local eateries, toured through the National Museum of the Pacific Theater (where we learned that Fredricksburg is the birthplace of Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz), and found a campsite at the local Ladybird Johnson Municipal Park.

Tomorrow we head to Adkins, TX, just southeast of San Antonio to visit with long time friends from Coronado days, Mike and Holly Madrid.


    We truly enjoyed your visit and helping you get back on the road. It is our belief that a Model A Ford not only gives you great joy and entertainmen, but just as important,builds bonds of friendships that last a lifetime.
    ps: Cinnamon and Duke say 'Hello'.

  2. Dave & Peg,
    I know you are still a long way from here but we are in Guilford, Ct. and would love to have you stop by on your trip. We're in you member guide.
    Job & Dawn

  3. Hope every one is well. We are so relieved thet you are back on the road again. Thank goodness you had the mafca roster it has been a god send

  4. Dave there's nothing like getting dirty in a nice clear garage digging into an engine block that's older than your parents! Tim

  5. Dave and Peggy
    Joe and Karen stopped in to visit and got me motivated on the website. He shared your trave so far. Sounds like everything is working out. Peggy and I wish you the best. It sounds like you have met so wonderful people.
    The Piccardos

  6. I am bowled over by this whole thing. So AAA trailered you there...what if you break down where you can't connect with AAA? Wishing you nothing but continued good luck, safe travel and a car that continues to run well.