Monday, May 11, 2009

11 May 2009 We're Getting Warmer!

It has been a few days since we wrote…mostly because Peggy has not been feeling well. Because of this, we shortened our stay and visits in Southern California as planned, and holed up with family so she could rest. For those of you we missed, we promise, we will return for an extended stay! This morning she woke up feeling 95% up to speed. Thank you for your prayers.

The reason there are not many pictures for this leg is because this area is so familiar to us, we have permanent pictures imbedded in our brain that we basically forgot to take pictures. San Diego (Coronado) was home to us for our early married years and most of our children’s childhood before we moved to Palm Desert (Palm Springs area). We spent Mother’s Day weekend with Dave’s mom in Pomona. Before leaving Pomona, Dave worked on the car—lubing parts and pieces, tightening bolts, and checking the fluids. We left Pomona and stopped for a coffee visit with Peggy’s uncle. From Uncle Jims, we heading along Route 66 through San Timotaeo Canyon to Yucaipa where we crashed a Mother’s Day lunch with Peggy’s sister Jeri and her family. While we were there, Dave worked on changing the transmission fluid since he “had over lubed the joints” whatever that means! Anyway, he said the car is shifting much better now.

We spent Sunday night with good friends Wade and Somer Little in Palm Desert, who live across the street from our old house. It was good to catch up and enjoy the wonderful desert evening. For our Sacramento friends…when we got here yesterday, it was a balmy 103 degrees. The passenger side air conditioner began malfunctioning so Dave dismanteled it to get it in top working order for our trip across the desert.
This morning (Monday) it is currently 75 and sunny at 7:30 AM. We’ll be leaving here soon, heading toward Parker, Arizona, hoping to beat most of the direct heat driving through the desert.

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  1. Thank you Dave and Peg for such a wonderful time. Somer and I truly enjoyed your visit. Have safe travels!