Monday, August 10, 2009

A Capitol Homecoming!

9 August 2009 Oroville, CA to Sacramento, CA 90 miles

Homeward Bound…Our last day was short, and somewhat emotional. The plan was that some of our club members from the Capitol A’s were going to drive out to meet us just south of Olivehurst and caravan back to the steps of our State Capitol where we had started this adventure.

We left Oroville and worked our way south toward Marysville on the back roads so we were not battling the traffic on Highway 70. Some of the roads we were on might as well have been dirt ones they were that bumpy! As we neared our meeting spot, Dave and I both commented how excited we were to be seeing everyone…and boy did we have a surprise…

As we crested the rise over Highway 65 at Forty Mile Road, we were greeted by two lone cars, Pat and Paul Menz in their 1930 Roadster, and Jerry Bengel in his 1931 Sport Coupe. Hmmm…so much for the big welcome…Oh well, we thought…it’s Sunday…it was short notice…It sure was good to see them!

After hugs and a few stretches, we got back in the car and headed down Forty Mile Road. Much to our surprise, other club members had parked their cars along the way about every ¼ mile, and they joined the caravan home…Bob Smith, Chris Globis and Linda Dressel, Alfred and Donna Dukeshire, Wayne Rogers, and Don McCulloch. I have to admit…as we picked up each A, with a wave and an aah-oo-gha, I got a bit teary-eyed.

We continued south until Dave noticed we had lost half of our group, so we pulled over to wait…it turns out that Wayne’s radiator cap had vibrated off. It was a lucky thing that we had a parts car with us…Unable to find it, they caught back up to us and Dave and I quickly unloaded our gear to get to the spare cap that Dave had carried with us for this trip. Bob had a gallon of water so we were back in business!

Continuing south, we eventually made our way into downtown Sacramento. As we turned onto Capitol Mall, I got all emotional… again,…especially when we saw the other half of our welcoming committee with their A’s parked along the curb by the rose garden. What a welcome we had! Naturally, hugs and handshakes were given, and many, many photos taken. We truly did feel like celebrities! After pictures, those of us who didn’t have any immediate plans headed off to Susie Burger for lunch and a time of visiting. Boy did we miss you guys! But…all good things must come to an end, and we were anxious to get home…

From the State Capitol, we made the short journey to our home in West Sacramento where we had a happy reunion with our German Shepherd, Maggie. The house was quiet when we entered, and we almost felt like strangers in someone else’s home. It was kind of eerie. It has been over three months since we left home…I’m sure it will take a week or two to get completely unpacked, caught up, and used to living in a real house again.

I know you’ve been waiting for them…so here they are…

Our Model A Adventure Stats

Miles Driven: 10,995

Gallons of Gasoline: 613.55
Average Miles per Gallon: 17.9 (This number went down after we lost the overdrive.)

Number of Travel Days: 98
Hotels: 27
Camping: 38
Friends and Family: 32
Home Sweet Home: 1

Number of states we touched: 30

This trip has truly been an adventure of a lifetime, and one, I’m sure, we will talk about as one of the highlights of our lives. However, it would not have been possible to embark on this journey alone…

Special thanks to…

Dana, our daughter, who willingly gave up 3 months or more of her life to take care of our home and dog.

Sacramento Capitol A’s for their moral support, incredible send off, prayers, and the wonderful welcome home.
The Hornby Island/San Salvador gang who kept an eye on things around home.

Pat and Paul Menz for the behind the scene organization and support.

Bob Felkins for his 11:00 am status reports.

M.A.F.C.A. for publishing a member directory and contacts in each state…just in case there is a problem.

Our Pit Crew…

Paul Menz, our mechanical/technical hot line for support services.

Rick Black of El Paso, Texas, MAFCA Webmaster, for supplying us with the tubes we needed when we realized all of ours were rotted.

Dave Casey, master mechanic, and Yates Smith, supervisor, of San Angelo, Texas, for parts, shop time, and mechanical expertise when we blew a head gasket, and Dave knew that our trip was over…

Mike Butcher, of Mike’s “A” FORD-able Parts in Maysville, GA, who had every part we needed and new tires for Baby in stock.

Benny Bohanan and crew, of Bentley’s Antique Auto Restoration of Maysville, GA, and his ace engine man, Scott, for providing shop space and manpower to get us back on the road.

Gordon Eanes, of Days Inn in Commerce, GA, for his generous hospitality and the use of his car while ours was out of commission and in the shop.

Dave and Becky Krolak, of Nostalgia Works in Sharpsbug, MD, for rescuing us from Antietam Battlefield when our overdrive died, and for shuttling us back and forth to the hotel…not to mention his mechanical expertise.

Ron Meyer, of Meyer’s Ford Model A Parts of Williamsport, MD, who had a spare drive shaft and torque tube he was willing to sell us.

Our Bed and Breakfast Support…

Kristina Gill, San Luis Obispo, CA
Laura Quiroz, Mission Viejo, CA
Joan Putnam, Coronado, CA
Joe and Karen Maggio, Coronado, CA
Marie Gill, Pomona, CA
Wade and Somer Little, Palm Desert, CA
Dave and Lynn Casey, San Angelo, TX
Mike and Holly Madrid, Adkins, TX
Jackie Hidalgo and Family, Sugarland, TX
Joe and Sandra Green, Mobile, AL
Randy and Linda Rydbom, Tipton, PA
Bruce Marshall and Cookie Smith, Haverhill, MA
David and Michelle Strelneck and the Lambert Family, Bath, Maine
Brad and Joie Gill, Eden, NY
Marvin and Carol Manske, Kelly, Iowa
Merrill and Betty King, Wallowa, OR
Chuck and Lydia Coiner, Alturas, CA

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  1. Hi Dave and Peggy!

    You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I have thoroughly enjoyed following along with you as you traveled across the United States. Thank you for taking the time to write such wonderful articles and include the amazing pictures. I felt as if I was able to take a trip without leaving my home. Not quite as exciting, but fun none the less.

    Welcome home to a very special couple! Welcome home to Henry too. :-)

    Big hugs,
    Terri :-)