Monday, August 3, 2009

California Here We Come!!

Pictures L to R: All four...highway scenes along Highway 395.

3 August 2009 Burns, OR to the State Line just south of Lakeview, OR 154 miles

Boy did it rain last night! We had decided on a hotel because of the heat, but really lucked out. We had a pretty hard rain, and over the mountains through Divine Pass where we almost camped was a solid wall of black clouds, rain, and lightening. God was certainly watching out for us! Again!

We had a nice drive today in the high desert…and were fortunate to see a real cattle drive…cowboys on horseback herding the cattle down to ?? somewhere other than where they were. Not a whole lot to see in this area of sagebrush and cattle, in fact, this was probably one of the more isolated stretches on this trip.

We were just kind of watching the world go by and were surprised to come upon a lake—suddenly the topography of this Oregon desert changed. Now, the lakes are pretty darn shallow, especially this time of year, but the reflection of the canyon walls on them were sure pretty. Most of them are simply low spots in the topography, and fill when there is rain. As we came into Lakeview, OR, we passed another cattle drive…this one was by two 18-wheelers cruising down the highway.

It looks like Dave will try his hand at painting when we get home...We have had a couple of gasoline accidents on the cowl, and it is looking pretty sad. On the plus side, this will force him to get that spare gas tank that has been sitting at home prepped and sealed. And who knows...maybe it will lead to a bottom up restoration some day. After all...he is going to need something to occupy his time.

We stopped for the night at Goose Lake, which straddles the California and Oregon border. We probably could have made it to my dad’s in Alturas, but were kind of tired of driving. Thunderheads are building again…I have a hunch we’ll get hammered with rain later this evening. The campground host said they got some good-sized hail yesterday. Tomorrow we will cross back into California…three months after leaving Sacramento. After spending a few days with my (Peggy's) dad for a long overdue visit, we will work our way south for the last few legs of our journey.

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