Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scavenger Hunt for the Lincoln Highway

Pictures L to R: Canal Fulton, OH; Neat historic building in Wooster, OH; Takin' it down the middle--not the best speciman, but the raccoons all seem to be on the side of the road!; Baby, Henry, and an original Lincoln Highway sign post.

14 July 2009 Newbury, OH to Oceola, OH 158.3 miles

Wow! The second day in a row that we have woken to blue skies—what a great day for a drive in the A! Thank you, Angelina! (And Carl, of course!) We left Punderson around 9:00 after a backpackers breakfast—a handful of nuts, some dried fruit, and hot tea (or juice in my case)—and kind of zig-zagged our way past the big city centers of Akron and Canton, down to the Lincoln Highway.

Trunk trouble…At some point this morning, near Shalersville, OH, a gentleman following us flagged us down to let us know that the strap on our trunk had snapped, and the trunk was bouncing around pretty good. Thank goodness for Gorilla Tape. Temporarily patched together until we can find a tack and harness shop, we are back on the road.

This is some beautiful country. I’ve decided that in this part of the US, the Adirondacks: the Sierra Nevadas::Northern California foothills: North Eastern Ohio. I’d like to be back here someday in the fall, or early winter to see it covered in snow…I’m sure it is much different, especially for someone who has lived in the lowlands of California her whole life. Didn’t you know that snow is that pretty white stuff on the mountain tops that we go play in on the weekends?

People keep asking us if we’ve found any part of the country we like better than home…we’ve decided that in this great land called the United States of America, there is not any one place that is better than another, they are just different. I have yet to tire of watching the scenery pass by… A friend of my mothers has been traveling around the country for over thirty years, meeting the local people and immersing himself in whatever geographic region he happens to be in. I guess I can really understand why Randy enjoys it so much.

We finally met up with the Lincoln Highway, just west of Canton, and soon found ourselves embroiled in a scavenger hunt. While for the most part we are easily able to follow the highway signs, there are points were multiple signs led us to differing directions. Some of the signs differentiate between the "Lincoln Highway 1913," “Lincoln Highway 1915-1921,” “Lincoln Highway 1926 to present,” or just the “Historical Route.” It should be a fun adventure…

We stopped for the night at Sunset Springs Campground in Oceola, OH. Judy, the manager, told us that this used to be a rock/sand quarry. One of the lakes is spring fed, and the campground has a swimming beach, snack bar area set up. Many of the campers here are full time residents in RV style sites.

All in all, it was a great travel day…


  1. Fun catching up with you. Glad the trunk did not go kerplunk. I too find it hard to say one place is better than another, but we sure saw some beautiful places on our recent 10 state trek that I can still mentally drool over just thinking of them.

  2. Prego.......buono fortuna