Monday, July 13, 2009

Hello o-HI-o!

13 July 2009 Eden, NY to Newbury, OH 183.5 miles
Pictures L to R: Lake Erie and NY Vineyards; Welcome to Ohio; Baby on the shore of Lake Erie.

We followed Brad to his office to see if a package I was waiting for had arrived, and had a chance to meet Ryan one of his employees who has been following our journey. While we were waiting, Brad’s neighbor came shuffling across the street. He and Dave poked around the car for a while…Skeets (the neighbor) said he had a 1929 that he drove all through high school. Dave offered to let him drive it around the block, or go for a ride, but he declined…he said it would make him cry.

After saying our goodbye to Brad, we were soon on our way. What a perfect day to travel in an A! Blue, blue sky and not a cloud to be seen! We followed route 20, which basically followed along Lake Erie’s coastline, but not right on the coast, so we were only catching glimpses of the lake. It wasn’t until we crossed into Ohio that I felt like I got my real look at this incredible body of water. We turned off Route 20 onto 531 which went right along the shore—a bit like driving along Pacific Coast Highway in California. Along the way, we stopped at a public park, which turned out to be the stopping place for beach access; they also happened to have an ice cream stand so we each got a cone and walked along the boardwalk. It was a bit breezy—enough that I was chilled and I needed my sweatshirt—but I guess for these folks up here in Ohio and Pennsylvania, summer is here and it was bathing suits for all. I think it was only about 70 degrees, but there was a cool breeze off the water. I guess when you are used to the cold of winter, this was a very warm day.

Continuing on our way, we drove through Geneva-on-the-Lake. This, we’ve decided, must be the destination hot spot for this corner of the world. It had a slightly carnival-like atmosphere with giant slides, ferris-wheels, putt-putt golf, water slides, many, many, many motels, food stands, and video arcades. Needless to say, we quickly made our way through to quieter surroundings.

After stopping to stock up on groceries and drinks, we headed south toward Newbury, OH, and set up camp at Punderson State Park. This is a pretty big park, and has many campsites and activities available. From the looks of the map though, I think they are busier in the winter for cross-country skiing and snow mobiling.

Tomorrows travels should get us back on the Lincoln Highway.

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