Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Question: What do you get when you combine an 80-year old car, a childhood dream, and an accommodating wife?

(Answer at the bottom!)

On May 4, 2009, Peggy and I, along with Henry, our Capitol-A TeddyBear whom we have adopted as our “son,” will begin our four-corner journey across America in our 1929 Model A Tudor. Leaving from the west side of the California State Capitol in Sacramento, California, and traveling west to the Pacific Ocean before heading south, our plan is to travel the two-lane highways through the often by-passed historic centers of small town America.

Once we hit San Diego California, we will head east until we arrive in Florida, then turn northward…our ultimate Northeast destination is Bath, Maine after a brief stop over for a family reunion in Coalport, PA. Do we dare take the car into NYC? We have not yet decided…but Times Square is where we begin the westward journey, following along the historic Lincoln Highway until we reach Wyoming when we head north to travel through the Grand Tetons, and then Yellowstone National Park for a glimpse of Old Faithful. From Yellowstone, we will again head west to Washington before turning south once again, and back home to Sacramento. Our goal is to accomplish this without touching a freeway!

Our itinerary is loosely woven to include friends and family along the way, or stopovers whenever something strikes our fancy, or time for those necessary roadside repairs. Traveling no more than 200 miles each day, we hope to be back sometime in September. We will be traveling solo, camping when the weather is fine, and availing ourselves of the local B and B’s or motels when it is not.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers…

Dave and Peggy

PS: Answer? The adventure of a lifetime!


  1. D and P
    We like your write up about your adventure and look forward to following it. Take lots of photos so that we can all enjoy your adventure when you get home.Will this be your first Mother's Day without family?
    Take care and God Speed.
    J and M

  2. Henry:
    Word of advice=And that is you better be good 'cuz if you are not mom & dad just might put you in a suitcase for the rest of the adventure.
    The Judge.

  3. Dave & Peggy, we enjoyed the goin-away party. Hope your first day and night were fun and trouble-free. We're looking forward to following your great adventure.

  4. Cheers to you two for living the DREAM!!
    Safe travels,

  5. Glad to see that your first day was successful. Great pictures of Monterey and Big Sur.

  6. What an exciting adventure. I am picking up on it on May 28th. I'll catch up quickly and follow along the rest of the way. Are you going to dress in period clothes the whole time?
    I'll get Fred on soon when he finishes his report cards!!!! ;~)